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Supporting material on Flomerics software

As we explain in the Module Outline, you will make use of FLO/PCB during your studies from Unit 4 onwards, FLOPACK appears in Unit 7 and you will need FLOTHERM for both assignments, even if you decide not to investigate it as part of your studies of Unit 5.

We strongly recommend you to go through the tutorial material in detail before starting to use either FLO/PCB or FLOTHERM for your assignments. The FLO/PCB introduction leads on to a set of tutorials written by Flomerics, while the walkthroughs for FLOTHERM have been written by the module team. How FLOPACK and SmartPart relate to these tools is explained in Units 7 and 8.





The software environment

FLO/PCB and FLOTHERM software is available within the Citrix Program Neighborhood. If you have used the Citrix Client before, all you will need to do is add a link to the Gandalf server. If you haven’t, the instructions for how to get started are on the AMI site at the ‘Students’ page via ‘IT configuration’ on the side-bar. The direct URLs for the relevant pages are:

Loading and configuring Citrix ICA Client at

Operating a PC as a PC terminal at

You will need to add a new ICA connection to the Gandalf server. This is similar to the procedure described for Bunsen in the first of these documents. However, the settings are different, as indicated in the ‘Properties’ boxes below. [A quick way of creating a second connection, is you already have one, is to copy the known-working connection, rename it, and edit its properties.]

"" "" ""

Under ‘Options’, note that the ‘Custom Default’ boxes have been unchecked, and the colors set to High Colour. We found that a 256-color setting produced a hard-to-view stippled appearance.

The welcome window is a modified version of the Windows standard. Ignore (close) any pop-up windows with comments about pending email messages! Note that, whilst other programs such as FLO/PCB can be launched from Start>Programs, FLOTHERM is only available from the FLOTHERM 5.1 folder with which your desktop has been pre-configured.

"" ""

A splash screen will appear whilst the program initialises


and eventually the Project Manager (PM) will open.

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