Module contributors

This module has had the benefit of an enormous amount of input:

We hope that most of the companies and people who have provided material have been listed below, and apologise for any omissions, which are unintentional.

Artetch Circuits Ltd Brian Ward
Blundell Production Equipment Paul Blundell
Concoat "" Graham Naisbitt
Dage Precision Industries "" David Bernard
DEK Printing Machines "" Alan Hobby
John Stirling
Dionics "" Paul Chinery
DKL Metals "" Ron Gow
Electra Polymers Shaun Tibbals
Electronic Presentation Services "" Bob Willis
Electrostatic Solutions Jeremy Smallwood
ERA Technology "" Paul Goodman
Glenbrook Technologies
Heller Industries ""
Henkel Loctite Adhesives "" Steve Dowds
Interplex PMP Dave Clark
JJS Electronics Naim Kapadia
Lamar UK Geoff Layhe
MacDermid "" Alan Hanson
Merlin Circuit Technology "" Dennis Price
Metcal "" Simon Hawkins
Multicore Solder "" Gordon Clark
Malcolm Warwick
National Physical Laboratory "" Alan Brewin
Chris Hunt
Colin Lea
Nortel Telecom  
ROHM Electronics "" Angus Westwater
Seho UK "" Pete Bagshaw
Senju Manufacturing (Europe) "" Martin Allison
Shipley Chemicals "" Martin Goosey
SMART Group ""  
Soldertec "" Kay Nimmo
Tom Perrett
Solectron Scotland "" Steve Mainwaring
Starkey Technical Services   Pete Starkey
Technograph Microcircuits David Woodley
Ultra-CEMS Paul Rich
Vitronics-Soltec ""
X-Tek Systems "" Steve Hursey

Especial thanks to:

As module author, I have been very much influenced by my teaching at the Scottish Advanced Manufacturing Centre in Livingston, and by my learning at the hands of many experts brought to the many workshops and conferences I have attended that have been organised by the SMART Group. Where would surface mount be without our industry champions?! If you aren’t already a member, then you should seriously consider joining; membership is available at affordable prices for both individuals and companies.

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