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Selected web site: companies

Whilst we have identified over 70 companies with web sites of interest to students of electronics manufacture, and have identified many of the main suppliers of materials and equipment, such a list inevitably just scratches the surface of what is available. Note that a number of these sites require (free) registration, but also offer a considerable amount of data.

In carrying out the most recent revision (September 2007) we have tried to remove all dead links, and any sites that are lacking in technical interest or are purely commercial. We would welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement – please email Martin Tarr.

Selected web sites: companies
Agilent supply a very wide range of test equipment, including paste inspection, AOI, X-ray and In-Circuit Test, and this link is to their Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Test and Inspection page. You can sign up at for a monthly email newsletter tailored to your areas of interest. This replaces PCB Pulse, a monthly newsletter for electronics manufacturers, to which there are frequent references in the archive.
AIM Solder: a professional solder supplier with a good stock of technical articles.
A useful collection of technical articles under the Alpha Metals banner about Cookson Electronic assembly materials, especially on soldering topics.
Alphasem make die attach systems, which are used to mount semiconductor dice onto lead frames or into hermetic packages. The site is organised by application, so you will be able to see the differences in processes and equipment used for different types of component.
AMI Semiconductor have an interesting range of silicon solutions. The site is a bit ‘thin’ on data, but the company have a positive stance towards lead-free and environmental issues.
Arlon are manufacturers of speciality laminates. Quite a few technical articles, if slightly hidden! Look for ‘Everything you ever wanted to know about laminates . . . but were afraid to ask’, which is a browsable resource with a great deal of information, regrettably last updated in 2000.
Asymtek make automated fluid dispensing equipment for electronics, semiconductor and industrial assembly, and their site has many technical articles and useful links to related sites.
AVX Technical Information Library, for information on ceramic and tantalum capacitors.
BGF Industries make a range of reinforcement materials, as used for printed wiring laminates.
Bob Willis of Electronic Presentation Services has created a site which provides a lot of basic information on assembly issues. Well worth a look!
Cadence have a nicely designed site with extensive technical resources on a very wide range of CAD and related products. Go to the Allegro IC-PKG-PCB co-design or OrCAD PCB design products, and use the Resource Library links to Technical info and Demos and webinars.
The Circuit Technology Centre are a leading edge circuit board repair and rework house with a collection of useful articles and an on-line “Guidebook”, full of detailed procedures for reliable repair and modification of bare and assembled circuit boards. CTC offer Circuit Rework News, a free weekly newsletter, and originated Circuitnet, which is now a separate publication “covering the world of electronics manufacturing”.
A good overview of production equipment available from Contax, plus links to their suppliers.
A site where DEK claim to answer all your printing problems, but some of the data is reserved for customers who have registered. However, DEK have been a great supporter of this module, so much of the most relevant information has already been incorporated in the unit texts and supplementary sheets.
DuPont has a broad portfolio of materials technologies for both semiconductor packaging and circuit applications, and a nicely presented site.
Started by Dionics, a component distributor, this agile business consultants site contains a good summary of the issues involved in the lead-free transition.
Dyconex have a wide range of interconnection technologies that can be used to achieve high density and meet challenging requirements for thermal management. Lots of design guidelines and illustrations, though these tend to be hidden away.
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Electronix Express not only sell components but have a useful set of tips from the technical department that they feel are of general interest to “electronic technicians, teachers and students”. Whilst not state-of-the-art, these basics should not be ignored.
Electrostatic Solutions, UK based on-line static electricity R&D and consultancy centre. Links and information on ESD.
Enthone are the materials and chemicals side of Cookson (see Polyclad). This site is full of technical articles.
Ersa show tools, machines and inspection systems, including the results of their BGA inspection system (a different way of looking under the devices!), with some good pictures of BGA solder joints.
Farnell, one of the major distributors, has created a set of information pages relating to the RoHS and EEEE Directives.
FCI make a wide range of connection products servicing most industries. For background information, navigate to Literature > Technical library >Technical articles. Unfortunately the complete book on connectors entitled Connector Theory and Application: A Guide to Connection Design and Specifications by Gary di Troia, Kenneth Woo and Gaylord Zahlman, has now disappeared!
Foresight (was Contamination Studies Laboratories) is a ‘consulting service and analytical test laboratory specialising in residue characterisation and the impact on performance and reliability of electronic assemblies’. Interesting case studies in their Resources section.
If you have ever wondered how semiconductor wafers were handled during and after dicing, the Gel-Pak site will explain the materials used.
GIL Technologies make predominantly low-k materials.
See the Glenbrook Technologies and GenRad Imaging Solutions (formerly Nicolet Imaging Systems) sites for ways of solving your problems with X-ray imaging.
Gould offer proprietary processes, and correspondingly little manufacturing information, but quite a few specifications on copper foil and similar products.$frameset/startneu
Heraeus materials for SMT and hybrids.
Hesse & Knipps make a range of wire and flipchip bonders, used to make connection to the top surface of the die.
Holders are a Galashiels-based suppliers of drills, equipment, oil, solder, mask, etc
Hover-Davis are a major source for information on feeders.
i2 provides supply chain management software and services for a wide range of businesses – some interesting web casts if you register.
As with Intel, “Big Blue” has an impressive resource. This link is to the IBM Semiconductor solutions home page. You will have to allow pop-ups in order to access the information, which includes brief accounts of how chips are made and assembled (
IC Knowledge is mostly an online store, but has a number of useful elements in its free content; the Introduction to IC Technology primer in the “Miscellaneous Technology” area is particularly helpful for those who would like a simple introduction to wafer fab.
Indium Corporation of America is a developer and manufacturer of speciality solders.
The Intel site is a wonderful resource, and the technologies and trends section is informative. The Packaging Databook at this URL is a guide to semiconductor packages that comes together to form a very substantial volume. Well worth browsing. Intel of course is the company for which Gordon Moore worked (the one of “Moore’s Law”) and it is interesting to visit to see the progress made and get a view for the future.
Intertronics are a UK company selling a very wide range of electronics materials, consumables and equipment, with some useful links and technical bulletins.
Two alternative sites, with a different emphasis and design on Isola’s new site! The second has a useful stock of technical literature.
ISSI is a large SRAM producer with some good package outline drawings for the smaller packages that are typical of memory products.
Kester Solder’s redesigned site now has lost almost everything from its formerly excellent techical archive, but contains much product data for both soldering and board fabrication.
Lamar are a laminate supplier, whose site has a technical bias and useful information for the board fabricator.
Link Hamson are a UK supplier of materials and equipment for electronics production, particularly SMT.
MacDermid have a well illustrated site that covers most of the technologies involved in printed circuit processing. Well worth looking at for information on surface finishes.
Machine Vision Products AOI platforms.
Manncorp used to present as “Your SMT manufacturing equipment mega-store!”
Previously branded Innoveda, a products-orientated site covering both Mentor and PADS design platforms, but with published general articles and a newsletter.
Merix Corporation specialize in producing complex, high-density circuits. Go to the Technology Center on their web site for information on technologies and processes and Design for Manufacturability.
Metcal have a useful site, with the expected focus on rework and repair, and a good Technical Notes section.
Between them, Gould and Mitsui make most of the copper foil used by the multinationals.
Molex have a wide range of information on connectors of all types.
At the part of the National Semiconductor site that deals with packaging there are some useful items under Application Notes and General Packaging Information.
Novx Corporation: materials and technical papers and standards on aspects of ESD protection in their Support section.
Panasonic’s range of placement equipment.
The former Philips Electronic Manufacturing Technology site for assembly equipment. Search for SM components at
Part of the Cookson Group, Polyclad are manufacturers of laminate and prepreg materials. Since early 2004, they have taken over from GE Plastics the manufacture of Getek laminates and prepregs: patented products composed of epoxy and polyphenylene oxide resins.
Polymer Assembly Technology assemble flip chips using electrically conductive materials that can be printed/dispensed and cured at low temperature, using a range of resin materials.
PPG Industries make glass fibre and laminates, but this is mostly a commercial site. Details of electronics applications at
Precision Circuits ‘Customer Information Documents’ contain details of processes, equipment and quality and other standards, including a series of useful guidelines to assist board layout designers.
Rohm & Hass Electronic Materials (formerly the Shipley Company) are one of the main suppliers of process chemicals. Lots of material safety data sheets, available once you register, but you will only get access beyond this if you talk nicely to your sales representative!
Rogers’ RT/Duroid was one of the earliest players in the high frequency materials arena. Now have a wide range of products, including flexibles and composites.
San Diego Plastics have information on many of the more structural grades of laminates, especially phenolics, and also a good resume of plastics properties and testing at
For the Siemens Electronics Assembly Equipment division: forum, links, etc. Note that the Siemens range of components is now at linked to
SMT source is heavily into pre-owned assembly equipment, but there are some useful features such as a listing of machine manufacturers, complete with hyperlinks.
Data on Camalot dispensing equipment, Electrovert soldering machines and MPM printers are on the Speedline Electronics site. Their former owner, Cookson Electronics (, now only operates in three areas, laminates (Polyclad), chemistry (Enthone) and assembly materials (Alpha Metals).
Taconic make microwave laminates: articles and data on “advanced dielectric” materials in their Resource Center.
Taylored Industries make thermal and electrical insulation, so have many phenolic materials in their range.
Tessera claims ‘leadership in Chip Scale technology’. Following a redesign, their site no longer has a library section, but some design rules and other information on CSPs can be found hidden in the Technologies section.
For information and Application Notes on Texas Instruments components. Quality and lead-free data appear under the Support section.
Topline manufacture a wide range of dummy products for machine evaluation, solder training, and SMT assembly practice. You can register to get full information and drawings.
Doug Brooks, president of UltraCAD, has written numerous articles and papers, many of which have appeared in Printed Circuit Design. Typical topics for these excellent and practical articles are impedance, signal integrity, and current carrying capacity.
Universal Instruments, who make a range of process and placement equipment, have a useful set of white papers and technical reports at this site.
Valor are a specialist provider of DfM-focused software and other information.
The Soltec division of Vitronics has a well-designed site and useful material on soldering equipment. Their CD “Five Steps to Successful Lead-free Soldering” is being used as part of AMI4982.
Lots of reading at the Zuken site on a range of design topics, but you have to “drill down for it”.

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