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Selected web sites: entry tools

This listing is of sites whose main use to the student is as links to other web sites. Whilst many will be worth bookmarking, or making available off-line, be aware that all these sites have the same problem that we do, of keeping their links up-to-date. Please advise Martin Tarr direct of any changes to this listing, comments about the utility of specific sites, or suggestions on additional sites.

And don’t forget that this is not your only source of leads: web-based publications are often a good starting point, both the magazines themselves and the associated web sites; many of the organisations and companies in our lists carry links pages.

Selected web sites: entry tools
Assembly Contracts Limited have an enormous list of electronic component manufacturers alphabetically arranged. Whilst there are some dead links, this may be useful starting point.
CirWorld News on-line services ‘Electronics Manufacturing Guide’ is a comprehensive set of links to manufacturers of PC boards, electronics assembly and components.
EEVL (Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library), the Internet gateway for engineering, maintained by Edinburgh University. Covers a very wide range of topics. Well worth a look if you are not familiar with it already.
EverythingPCB positions itself as “The printed circuit industry’s product, service and resource guide”, and is blatantly commercial. However, even if you don’t want their quick quote service, the search engine may answer your needs.
The Pinakes subject gateway maintained by Heriot-Watt University. Useful links on engineering and physics.
The IEEE Components Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society sponsored an electronic newsletter in the mid-90s. This site is left behind from this activity, but the links on the website listing relating to electronics packaging (components and equipment) mostly function well, so presumably have been updated.
Sponsored by RD Chemical, the Printed Circuit Board Fabricators Home Page contains an interesting skeleton of what could have been an enormously useful resource. As it is, there are some useful articles, many by Rudy Sedlak. What might have been!
The SMTinfo site run by Daan Terstegge of Thales Communications is full of links to SMT assembly sites and has its own search engine with a database of over 300 technical articles. Has “a great download page with a collection of very useful free software, like Gerber Viewers, a Statistical Process Control program, unit convertors . . . all free for you to download”. This site is also the home of SMT-Maestro, a software package intended to assist in DfM evaluation, as a freeware alternative to fully-featured programs such as Valor.
SMTnet offers a reference area for surface mount technology, with technical library (books, standards and links to on-line papers) and a range of industry directories and links to SM sites generally. Probably worth registering.
Visit the UK SMART (Surface Mount and Related Technologies) Group site for details and reports on the events run by the group, and a useful ‘Electronics Manufacturing Link List’ at Members area has papers to download. covers a wide range of businesses, but their electronics and electrical section has some useful contacts in components, contract manufacturing, heating and cooling, and subassemblies.
Superfactory lists most of the main management techniques/expressions (such as QFD, benchmarking, Kaizen). For each it gives a summary, a book-list and links to (mostly commercial) web sites covering the topics in more detail.


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