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Selected web sites: publications

This list of publications contains both commercial materials and academic journals. The former are more readily available, although you will probably need to register for (free) access. The list indicates where there are archive issues – often these are very useful resources, though you should always bear in mind that magazine articles have not been peer-reviewed, and the author may have some commercial bias.

For academic journals consult the Library and On-line Resources page for an explanation of how to gain admittance to your local University library. Many resources are available electronically through ATHENS, as indicated below, which is accessed through the AthensDA gateway at This should accept your normal log-in, but there are occasionally problems with this service, in which case you should consult Steve Crimes, Subject Librarian.


Athens is an Access Management system for controlling access to web-based subscription services, and is widely used within the Higher Education community. Note that some sites require additional log-in, and your access may be restricted to abstracts rather than full text. Four links that might aid your studies are:

British Standards Institution (catalogue and online standards)

Emerald (previously MCB) have a range of on-line academic journals (at

IngentaConnect – relevant titles include:

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Microelectronics International
Rapid Prototyping Journal
Thin Solid Films

ScienceDirect – relevant titles include:

Microelectronic Engineering
Microelectronics Reliability
Microelectronics Journal

Wiley InterScience – relevant titles include:

Advanced Materials
Quality and Reliability Engineering International

Publications available on the web

This is inevitably only a partial list, and subject to change, as with most such resources. Please advise Martin Tarr direct of any changes.

Selected web sites: publications
Advanced Packaging is one of the better magazines dealing with materials and state-of-the-art issues such as Chip Scale Packages. Their web site has archived editions back to January 2000.
The IMAPS site includes issues of Advancing Microelectronics with an archive back to 2001. From March/April 2003, the format moved from HTML to (downloadable) PDF files, but regrettably the on-line magazine is now only available to IMAPS members.
Assembly magazine has articles, products, events listings and other information primarily on mechanical assembly issues such as adhesive bonding and dispensing, automated assembly, brazing, soldering and welding, fastening, robots and vision, wire processing, and workstations and ergonomics
Circuitnet is a daily newsletter “covering the world of electronics manufacturing” with a technology focus. Circuitnet was started by Circuit Technology Centre, with which it retains links, though it is now a separate publication.
Circuits Assembly comes from UP Media Group, the same stable as PCD&M. Site contains both news, articles and features from the current issue and a range of Buyer’s Guides and web site links. The online archive now covers issues back to January 2004. Requires (free) registration for full access to site content.
Circuitree claims to be “the world’s best source of information for the PCB industry”. The on-line version has even more content than the published magazine. A useful searchable resource, with archive material back to March 2000. Monthly email newsletter will remind you to check out the latest material, or use the RSS feeds.
CoolingZone specialises in PCB thermal analysis. This site has an archive of newsletters, and you can apply for free subscriptions to Electronics Cooling magazine, published quarterly. There is also a useful range of materials in the library for those studying AMI4817.
Subscribe at this link for free subscription to Components in Electronics. Targeted at UK electronic component users, covering the full spectrum of components from capacitors to system-on-chip. Quarterly supplement on Obsolescence in Electronics.
Electronic Engineering Times UK has online editions covering seven different markets. Register (free) for a regular newsletter.
Electronics Cooling is a “resource for practitioners in the field of electronics thermal management”. This URL takes you straight to the reference library with its long list of magazine articles stretching back to 1995.
Electronics Weekly will be known to many for its weekly print version, but there is also a full electronic copy. More useful to students is the search engine that covers material back to 1998.
Electropages offer electronic product news for engineers and designers, with searchable articles arranged as a push-down stack, with earliest entries around 1999. It is slightly frustrating that articles are limited to around 200 words, but each article has an easy to use form for requesting further information.
A link to Electronic Product News (EPN) Europe as well as a portal with links for electronics and manufacturing engineers. Searchable archives to January 2002.
Electronic Products “reports on important developments in products and product technology”. Email newsletter and archives back to 2000.
ESD Journal: strongest on current news, but a small archive of technical papers at
Global SMT & Packaging is one of the few magazines with a genuinely European content! Freely downloadable PDF archive to January 2005.
Flex Circuit News is one of three related “real-time on-line” magazines. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter from Joe Fjelstad which links to a regular audio column.
EuroAsia Semiconductor (formerly European Semiconductor) is a monthly magazine focusing on equipment and materials for the microelectronics production industry. The site has back issues to December 2003, and also offers a free weekly e-mail newsletter.
Hearst Electronics Group publish IC Master Online, a very useful source of information about all kinds of components, and not just integrated circuits. Searchable by part, key word, or category, with links to datasheets and supplier web sites.
The IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology (CPMT) Society produces three peer-reviewed publications:
Published since 1965, Laser Focus World is a monthly magazine that aims to provide comprehensive global coverage of optoelectronic technologies, applications, and markets. Digital archive back to 1994.
OnBoard Technology is an international magazine published six times each year and dedicated to European PCB Design, Manufacturing, Assembly and Test. Usually some very useful and authoritative articles by industry experts. Visible archives cover only the previous year, but digging reveals tables of contents and links to PDF prints of articles back to March 2003.
Opto & Laser Europe for lasers, optics and photonics resources and news, with archives to January 2001.
Complete with back issues of Power Electronics from January 2001, this site is a useful insight into the issues facing power supply manufacturers. Some of the PDF versions of the articles can be significantly large! Earlier issues on a 30 Years of Power Electronics Technology DVD.
Web site supporting Printed Circuit Design and Manufacture (combining two earlier key magazines, PC Design and PC Fab), which covers all aspects of board design and manufacture. Individual articles from the archive can be saved as (watermarked) PDF files. The online archives now cover back to January 2004. Requires (free) registration for full access to site content.
San Jose Business Journal is based in Silicon Valley, so it should be no surprise that there are many electronic stories here. Free registration required for archive access.
Semiconductor International mainly covers semiconductor manufacturing and wafer fabrication, but there are regular articles on back-end processes. This site requires free registration, but has an archive back to 1998, and you can keep up to date with their regular newsletter.
Another Penwell news site, SmallTimes covers micro- and nano-technology manufacturing, tools and materials, with web casts, white papers, and other sponsored material, and a bi-monthly downloadable magazine edition with a two-year archive.
Emerald’s Soldering & Surface Mount Technology “provides an authoritative, international and independent forum for the critical evaluation and dissemination of research and development, applications, processes and current practices relating to all areas of soldering and surface mount technology.”
Solid State Technology is a long-established print magazine, but its site has some “web exclusives”, a useful resource guide, and links to white papers and webcasts. Archives back to 1996. Full access requires (free) registration.
On-line version of Surface Mount Technology Magazine, with Buyers Directory and industry links, and an issue archive back to January 1999. Same publishers as Advanced Packaging. Full access requires (free) registration.

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