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On this page you will find links to some of the materials that were developed when I was trading as Martin Tarr Associates (Limited). Some will be of historical interest only; others may be of help in explaining concepts that haven’t changed since I became involved with hybrid microelectronics back in 1966.

Important health warning

The material linked to below was written before 2009: most of it is now at least ten years old, and some even older! I make no guarantees about the current validity of any of the material that you may find here, and you can expect that many of the links will no longer work.


Some history!

PDFs: right-click on the links below and save to your computer:

Our Consultancy brochure (124KB)

Our Lead-free applications sheet (76KB)

EPPIC paper:
Delivering lead-free products to the market” (2.64MB)
(May 2005; author)

SMART Group Scotland paper: “WEEE & RoHS Legislative Update” (119KB) (March 2006; presenter)

More on REACH on this page, and on thermal management on this page.


Technical topics

When the Bolton modular courses were being redesigned, it was decided to move much of the common material to a series of topic papers that were on the public portion of the AMI web site. This is no longer supported, so this link takes you to the index last revised on 17 January 2007, from which you can access the individual web pages.


All the AMI modules were designed for distance learning. The version that was on the Bolton website looked significantly different, but the content should be the same:

AMI4805 Materials and Processes for EDR 1 (link)

AMI4812 Materials and Processes for EDR 2 (link)

These courses were intended for students studying a course in Electronic Design Realisation, and were not fully developed, but they have links to suitably-grouped topics.


AMI4813 Design for eXcellence

Module index page

AMI4817 Design for Thermal Issues

Module index page

Introductory Flash video


AMI4945 Design for Product Build

Module index page

AMI4982 Lead-free implementation

If you thought that everyone had their act together for 1st July 2006, think again!

Module index page