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REACH, an acronym for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals, has been described as “the most important EU legislation for 20 years.” And it is coming up fast . . .

This is how I started my first blog on this topic on 2 August 2006, since when I have been getting increasingly concerned about the potential of the legislation to disrupt the electronics industry.

I gave an overview of the topic at the SMART Group Scotland After RoHS event at Livingston on 26 October 2006. This link is to a print of the presentation used there.

Since then, REACH has come into force (1 June 2007), and the clock is ticking towards the end of the key pre-registration window of only six months, which ends on 30 November 2008.

The Irish SMART Group invited me to speak at their Directives + Future Directives seminar in Dublin on 25 September 2007, in preparation for which I carried out some more research and a “straw poll” of industry contacts. Thank you to everyone who helped! This link is to a print of the presentation, obviously minus its reveals.

The final slide promises a list of resources, which I started at this page, and try occasionally to update. Do please email me with links to other resources that you have found helpful.


2008 articles

On 10 June 2008, in their directives and standards section, New Electronics published a review article under the title Within Reach which included some of my comments. The original set of answers to key questions can be downloaded at this link.

The December 2008 issue of Electronics Manufacture & Test will contain an short article entitled The Reach Window Closes, and the full article is now available on the linked web page.


2008 presentations

The Irish SMART Group invited me to speak at their Environmental Directives Seminar in Galway on 25 September, and for this I drew heavily on the SMART Group Beyond REACH seminar at Dolby Labs the previous week, especially when I was asked to speak on RoHS also at very short notice. Grateful thanks to Richard Boyle, Nigel Burtt, Martin Doyle, Marion Quarrington and Neil Stanton for allowing me to pillage their material and ideas!

The links are to prints of the presentations, Reacting to REACH and Today’s directions for the RoHS Directive: there are also lists of REACH resources, and links to information on the moves outside the EU to implement RoHS-like legislation.

The Components Obsolescence Group meeting in Edinburgh on 26 November invited me to talk on REACH, for which I chose the same title, though the content of this particular version of Reacting to REACH had been updated. The PDF print at this link is of what I would have given had I been allowed longer: attendees will hopefully get some benefit from the hidden slides, and a chance to browse the ones I sped past!

If you can bear to listen to that whistle-stop tour again, a minimally edited version is available in navigable Articulate form at this link: just 27 mins long!


Listen, rather than just read

I’ve been trying to develop ways of giving access to the live recording as well as the text. The experiments can be seen at this link, but I finally opted for buying Articulate Presenter, which was used to create this Flash conversion of the 26 October 2006 presentation.

Do try out the link, and let me know what you think – I’m particularly interested in whether the download works sufficiently fast and whether the sound quality is adequate. [Bear in mind that this recording was live!]


Keep a look out on this page for updated information . . .