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REACH, an acronym for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals, has been described as “the most important EU legislation for 20 years”. And it is coming up fast . . .

This is how I started my first blog on this topic on 2 August 2006, since when I have been getting increasingly concerned about the potential of the legislation to disrupt the electronics industry.

I gave an overview of the topics at the SMART Group Scotland “After RoHS” event at Livingston on 26 October 2006. This link is to a print of the presentation used there.

I’ve been experimenting with Flash conversions to give access to the live recording as well as the text. Do give them a whirl, and tell me what you think!




Swish Presenter


Some of the SWFs are a bit oversize, and it may take a wee while before the first slide appears. Also be aware that some conversion software produces artefacts that I haven't yet resolved, but it gives the idea.


Keep a look out on this page for updated information . . .