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Thermal awareness promotion

The project

MTAL has been engaged to create a promotional webinar on thermal management in electronics, building on the MSc module Design for Thermal Issues that we authored for Bolton University.


The rationale for this project, the way in which we are approaching it, and a background to our involvement in thermal management, are all described in the paper at this link.

Our client

The Electronics-KTN (EKTN) is one of over 20 Knowledge Transfer Networks that are an evolving part of overall Government Technology Strategy, were born out of Innovation and Growth Teams, and which have been set up for specific “communities” in order to:

  • drive the flow of knowledge into, from and within the community
  • provide a vehicle to develop community ideas and interactions
  • provide a communications route to the Government

A key objective of the Electronics-KTN is “to provide access for companies right across the electronics value chain to knowledge that will help them to understand how to capitalise on their innovations”.

An overview of the work of EKTN is given at this link.

The outputs

Three parallel approaches are being used in order to engage the maximum number of engineers, aligning with different preferences for acquiring useful knowledge.

  • Presentations at workshops
  • Web presentation with PowerPoint/video and voice-over
  • In printable form, such as the EPPIC-eye series of documents, to which we contributed this paper on lead-free implementation.

The core material used for all three approaches will be the same, though edited differently and the presentation adjusted appropriately.

In order to meet accessibility criteria, the whole of the presentation script will be made available in text form, in the way used for our October 2006 presentation on REACH. The conversion software employed produces a searchable and navigable resource.